The new way to experience stories.

Listen or Watch. Anytime. Anywhere

BookStreamz are a new way to experience storytelling – books have been around for centuries for us to read – and for nearly a hundred years we’ve been able to listen to them – NOW, with BookStreamz – you can watch a book! With fantastic casts of actors bringing your favourite stories to life, you can enjoy a book being read to you by a narrator but with the dialogue performed for you. It’s like Audible meets Netflix, radio meets theatre, a performance that feels like it’s just for you.

And NOW is the perfect time to join us on this journey – as we create a complete new library in this new and exciting format – you’re a pioneer supporting a fantastic community whose aim is to entertain you. You’ll never get a better deal and you will be part of our story – thank you for helping us build a new future in storytelling…

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