Fallen Angel

She has everything… to lose

6 Episodes
Coming Soon

Written by Elaine Sturgess

Executive Producer Elaine Sturgess

Directors & Producers Shelley Campbell, Molly Vandemeer, Paul Romero Mendez

Script Development Elaine Sturgess, Shelley Campbell

From the outside, it appears Lisa Danforth has everything. A famous filmmaker for a father an Italian countess for a mother, money, status, anything she desires… except love.

Raised in a dark world where the excesses of wealth fuel a lifestyle of hedonism, Lisa grows up with a warped understanding of life, shaped by her parent’s relationship; a toxic mix of passion and control. As the truth dawns and rebellion kicks in, will she have the strength to break the chains of her past…


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Cast Members

Sasha Clarke

Lisa Danforth

Kate Braithwaite


Natasha Powell

Angela ‘The Floosy’

Anna Garcia Cuartero

Donna Danforth

Sara Dee


Benjamin Noble

Eddie Danforth

Leslie Ash


Joe Gill


Ian Jervis


Books By this Author

Fallen Angel

Lisa Danforth appears to have it all… a famous family, wealth, status and the grand facade of an ancestral home. But it is indeed a facade; one that hides a very dark past. So when the chance comes, will she be able to break the chains of her history? 

Voluptuous Venus

Donna Danforth, aka Italian Countess Donnatella Di Magiori. Swept off her feet by an English gentleman who saves her from the clutches of a billionaire drugs baron, Donna becomes Lady of the manor. But did Eddie rescue her opr was he her ruin?

The Last Word

Doctor Velvet Elizabeth Taylor… beautiful, glamorous, evil… but where did her sinister streak come from? As we visit her boarding school we discover the secrets of the GP who is now Cruella de Village

Gin And It

When Rachel and Frankie move to a quiet English village they’re worried that they will upset the genteel sensibilities of the locals… but when the secrets beneath the thatched roofs  start to reveal themselves, they realise the underbelly is far, far more shocking then they could ever have imagined

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