19 Episodes
Starts 2 Nov 2020
Period Drama

Written by Emily Brontë

Executive Producer & Director  Elaine Sturgess

Producers Elaine Sturgess, Paul Romero Mendez

Script Development Elaine Sturgess

Emily Brontë’s classic novel performed unedited or adapted is a revelation.

When old Mr Earnshaw the Master of Wuthering Heights, rescues a gypsy boy off the streets of Liverpool, he has no idea of the impact he will have when he brings him back to the family home. Hated by his son Hindley and despised by the servants, his only friend is Catherine. The two form a wild friendship that becomes a soul bond – but it is one destined to broken by the boundaries of society and class that it threatens to break.

A dark tale of love and revenge as haunting and desolate as the moors on which it is set, Wuthering Heights is as powerful today as when it was first penned.


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Cast Members

Lainey Shaw

Ellen Dean

Beau Holland

Cathy Linton

Kiruna Stamel

Kiruna Stamell

Isabella Linton

Adrian Mercer

Adrian Fox

Linton Earnshaw


Frances Earnshaw

Ian Kelsey

Heathcliff Earnshaw

Alex Boorman

Heathcliff (the early years)

Joe Gill

Hareton Earnshaw

Jordan El-Balwai

Hindley Earnshaw

Flaminia Cinque

Flaminia Cinque


Kate Braithwaite

Catherine Earnshaw

Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher

Mr Lockwood

Robert Irons

Edgar Linton



Nick Butcher

Kieran Brown

Mr Kenneth

Nick Butcher

Nick Butcher

Young Edgar Linton

Books By this Author

The only novel ever published by Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights has become one of the all-time classics.

A sweeping tale of love and revenge, the real story so romantcised by film and TV adaptations is a dark story, a family saga that tells of the terrible havoc wreaked by forbidden love between classes at a time when the social restrictions between people were as defining as anything else in their lives.

When wealthy, privileged Catherine Earnshaw falls for her adopted gypsy brother Heathcliff, she is cruelly dismissive of his love when she recognises that his social class means marriage to him would be beaneath her.

He never recovers from her rejection of him and when she dies giving birth to the daughter of his adversary Edgar Linton, Heathcliff swears a devstating revenge on every member of the two families – both his own, the Earnshaw’s and the Linton’s.. including Catherine’s daughter…

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