16 Episodes
Starts 2 Nov 2020
Period Drama

Written by Aex Radcliff

Executive Producer Elaine Sturgess

Producers Shelley Campbell and Paul Romero Mendez

Script Development Hayley Kenward

A compelling courtroom drama based on a true story but with a new perspective.

When Anna Wyatt QC takes on defence counsel for alleged serial killer Ruth Webb, she has little idea of the dramatic impact it will have on her own life and of those around her. 

Drawn to the case for her own reasons, documentary maker Cate Harrison is a prominent figure in the gallery, studying the case for her ownfilm about serial killers – and determined to get to the elusive Anna for an interview.

As the evidence is revealed, the question is raised over Ruth’s guilt – is she a monster, or could she be a victim of the circumstances that surround her? 

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