Book 1 of the Georgina Garrett Series as WW1 ends, Georgina Garrett is born to a poverty stricken father who loses his wife in childbirth. Determined to protect his daughter he brings her up like a boy and teaches her the only skills he has… fighting and thieving. Georgina is now set for a life of crime…


Book 2 of The Georgina Garrett Series As Georgina takes control she’s surrounded by Rivals who want to take everything away from her. Amidst the turf wars there are challenges to with her relationships too and an encounter with a South London gang leader will have a lasting impact on her life.


Book 3 of The Georgina Garrett Series WW2 rages around them and the gangs of London are engaged in their own battles – and Georgina becomes more ruthless to protect her turf and her family… but when she loses someone close in a revenge attack, her resolve is tested


Book 4 of The Georgina Garrett Series War is over but Georgina’s battles are growing along with the numbers of enemies determined to take her down. She’s stronger than ever, but just one defeat can take down her whole empire. Georgina is to face her biggest challenge yet 

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The Georgina Garrett Series

War Torn London is about  to get a New Gangland Crime Boss – and She Will Rule with a Fist of Iron


The Georgina Garret series of four books (soon to be five) is a compelling, gripping saga that crosses two world wars and spans four decades of gang rivalry in London’s Battersea. After Georgina Garrett’s Mum dies at her birth, her Dad Jack, a poverty stricken petty thief, moves in to the matriarchal home and vows to bring his daughter up to be tough enough to take care of herself – and on the rough streets of Battersea, that means he brings her up like a boy. 

It’s not long before ‘George’ faces her first rival in the mean, cruel Billy Wilcox, son of the local gang boss Norman. Jack teaches her to box and how to thieve to survive and Georgina grows up with a fierce determination to fight for her rights – and for the rights of other women.

When Georgina takes her place at the head of the Battersea empire, she runs her empire of brothels, ‘insurance’ services and gambling dens with efficiency and aplomb – and she manages her rivals with brutal finality. It’s a tale of survival against the odds, of love, of loyalty and of a woman whose fierce determination to do what’s right be her allies leads her into battle with her many… rivals.

It’s Peaky Blinders from a woman’s viewpoint, it’s compelling drama that will keep you gripped until the very end. 

When Georgina met David… watch the trailer of Rivals, with Sophie Hopkins and Harvey Quinn… coming soon on BookStreamz


Sam Michaels writes gangland sagas set in Battersea, South London, which is where she was born and bred, the council estates being her playground.

After leaving school at sixteen with no qualifications, Sam married soon after and had a son. The marriage ended quickly, and as a single mother, she worked in various retail positions until undertaking an Open University degree. This led to Sam becoming an analytical scientist and then into technical sales where she met her husband.

A few years later, they moved from Hampshire to Spain. It was then that her mother, the Sunday Times best-selling author, Kitty Neale, inspired Sam to put pen to paper. She now writes her novels in sunnier climates with the company of her husband, four dogs and six cats.


Perfect for Fans of Peaky Blinders, Martina Cole and Lesley Pearce. Gripping drama and brilliantly engaging characters

– The Story Sofaaa


Sam Michaels is an exciting new author and Trickster is a must-read! Captivating and fast-paced, this first book in the Georgina Garrett series is a real page-turner that I highly recommend

– Kitty Neale


Totally Gripping, I couldn’t put it down. 

Georgina Garrett is a force to be reckoned with

A brilliant read

– 5 Star Reviews

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